what’s in my purse?

Hey guys, and a happy Monday to you all! Hopefully a case of the Monday’s haven’t gotten the worst of you guys! So, I thought to myself ‘what’s more fun than exploring what’s in another girls bag?’ I’m always looking for new organizational tools to keep all of my things in line, or just for a new purse or wallet! I always love seeing what little odds and ends other women keep in their bags.. sometimes they give me new great ideas! So let’s take a peak into what I have in my purse on a day to day basis!

IMG_0510The first thing that I always keep in my bag is my pair of sunglasses. In Texas, it’s virtually always sunny so I don’t dare go anywhere without having some protection for my eyes. My poor baby blue’s get scorched by the blaring sun down here. These are my absolute favorites, I hate when I take them out of my purse and forget to toss them back in before I leave the house. I’m pretty sure I got these ones at Target, but I’ve had them for so many years that I honestly don’t remember where they’re from.

My next item is a pretty standard item, my wallet. I am a wallet fiend and am always IMG_0512searching for my next one. This one that I have is my favorite of the many, many, many wallets that I’ve had over the years. It’s a Vineyard Vines wallet, so I know it’s well made and a high quality item. I’ve never splurged on a wallet as much as I did for this one, but the investment has been so worth it. It’s simple but still textured so (to me, at least) it doesn’t look like a boring hot pink wallet. The color was a little brighter than it looked online and in the picture here, but I’ve grown to like it!

Items 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7: I like to keep a small Vera Bradley pouch inside my purse to hold my smaller items such as lip gloss/chapstick, nail trimmer (which I will admit I use as scissors when desperate times call for desperate measures, ha!), and hand sanitizer. Since I work at a daycare, I’m constantly being exposed to germs of all types. I use this hand sanitizer the minute I walk out of the IMG_0513building so I bring in as few germs into my car and house as I can. I love using this little pouch because it really helps de-clutter my purse that can sometimes look like a mini tornado has run it’s course inside.



My next item that I almost always have in my purse are a whole zipper pouch of bobbyIMG_0516 pins. I also usually keep an extra hair tie in with my bobby pins too, because my thick long hair tends to snap hair ties.

Next up are two things that I don’t go to work without: Aleve and hand lotion. Both are critical to working at a child care center in my opinion. I’m in the nursery, so we have babies that are crying for a vast majority of the day needing one thing or the other. I take an Aleve most days before I go to keep any headaches away from the constant noise and movement of caring for little tiny humans! I also love having a small bottle of lotion in my IMG_0517purse because working with kids brings endless hand washing, which can dry out the skin on my hands really quickly. Plus it smells really nice, but that’s just an extra bonus!




Last but not least is my absolute favorite item IMG_7915that’s in my purse. This is the cutest little notepad that I found at HomeGoods, and I love it beyond words. I’m a very forgetful person, as well as a person that hates keeping a ‘to-do’ list on my phone. I’ve basically just dedicated this notebook as my ‘random thoughts’ book, so I have anything from to-do lists to groceries I need to work notes to blog post ideas written all over within the pages.

I hope you guys have enjoyed getting a peak inside my purse. Comment whatever cute or quirky things you love to have in your purse!


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