ulta products review

Hey guys! I got a few new products about a month back at Ulta and I’m finally here to do a review on them! I wanted to give myself a while to try them out and totally form a complete opinion on each product, so here we go!

IMG_7430Here’s a photo of the three products that I purchased. From left to right they are: Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer by Benefit, Eye Booster Instant Doll Lash Extension Kit by Physician’s Formula, and Stay Don’t Stray 360 Primer by Benefit. I’m quite new to higher-end makeup (or makeup in general, if I’m being honest), and I’m still learning about different qualities and finishes of various types of products, and I’m certainly still learning about what works for me personally. I walked into Ulta with an end goal of finding an under-eye concealer than would help counter act some of the horribly dark under eye circles (I’m being slightly over dramatic) that I’ve dealt with my whole life. I wouldn’t say that I found the perfect concealer, but I’ll get into that when I talk about each product.

Product #1: Eye Booster Lash Kit by Physician’s Formula
I was really hoping that I would love these, and that it would make my eyelashes look long IMG_0187and full without being clumpy or weird. The process of putting this mascara on isn’t necessarily complicated, but tedious for a person like me who normally puts a single coat of mascara on and calls it good! You have to put a base coat of mascara on, then before the mascara dries, you are to apply a layer of the fibers that make your lashes look longer and fuller. After that, you need to apply another coat of mascara to ‘seal’ the fibers in. Unfortunately, the top coat of mascara doesn’t really seal in these fibers, and you walk around with these light fibers hanging out under your eyes because you can’t feel that they’ve fallen off your lashes and have instead attached themselves under your eye. After my first try I thought maybe I didn’t do a thick enough top coat of mascara, but after much experimentation, I’ve found that I have the same results each time. I’d give this product an A+ for giving me the look that I wanted, but a much lower grade for the longevity of the look that it provides. Bummer.

Product 2: Stay Don’t Stray Primer by Benefit
IMG_0191I will start off by saying this product does its job, and it does the job very well. I started by only using this under by eye before using concealer, but I have since started applying it on my eyelid before applying eye shadow. This stuff seriously makes your eye makeup last all day long if you need it to. The employees that helped me out at Ulta really pushed this product on me and I was so uncertain if I should go with it, thinking that they were just trying to up-sell me to get me to buy another product (I know, that’s such a terrible thing to assume but I’ve worked in retail and know what can happen!). However, I’m so glad that I listened to them. I was told that the primer is slightly tinted, so on a light day when I’m feeling lazy (which is most days, to be honest), I just use the primer by itself and have less coverage under my eyes. It’s nice that this product can offer versatility in that it can be worn alone or with other products as well. The packaging isn’t my favorite, it’s a little boring color-wise. Nothing really pops out to say ‘look at me! I’m an awesome product!’ but what’s inside the package is what truly matters, I suppose. I would 100% recommend to a friend.

Product #3: Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer
This is the product that I’ve used the least out of the ones I got. I know, it’s the whole reason I went to Ulta in the first place. I also went before I got hired to work almost 40 hours a week at a child care center with 6-12 month old babies. I didn’t realize that I would be far too tired and lazy to actually put concealer under my eyes every day before work. I also didn’t think about the fact that babies don’t care if the person who is feeding them is wearing under eye concealer. So, simply put, I don’t wear it often. However, when I do use it, I love this product. It goes on quite smooth, and for the most part it matches my skin tone. It works much better for my skin as an under eye concealer rather IMG_0190than a concealer for blemishes and scars. It blends with the color under my eyes much better than it does with the rest of the skin on my face, and I can kind of see where I’ve applied the concealer, even after blending well if I put it anywhere other than under my eye. That’s probably my only drawback to this concealer, which is likely just a problem that is specific to my skin tone and the shade of concealer I chose. I just went with the shade that the employee suggested for me, but I think I should have gone with one shade lighter. I had that gut feeling that I should have, but once it was opened and used, it was too late. Always go with your gut, people. At the end of the day, though, I would recommend this product (along with the Stay Don’t Stray primer) to a friend! Also, the packaging is too cute. I seriously love the shade of pink on the box so much, but that’s besides the point.

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any wonderful recommendations for a good under-eye concealer for someone (aka me) with quite dark purple under eye circles!


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