Initial Thoughts: June Ipsy bag!

I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up to receive a monthly Ipsy bag with make up products to try. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, and decided to go for it now that I cancelled my Netflix account (sad day, I know). I ripped open the packaging when it came in the mail and immediately starting searching and learning about the products that came inside! I haven’t tried out any of these products yet, these are just my initial reactions to each product.

The bag itself…
IMG_7922Personally, I really don’t like the look of this bag. I’ve never been a fan of the graffiti look, and all it does it remind me of middle school for some reason. I was a little disappointed that this was the very first bag I received, but such is life. That’s the beauty in a monthly subscription like this, you get some products and bags you like, and some you hate. You win some you lose some. Now onto the products themselves.

Product #1: Delectable Everything Balm by Cake Beauty
IMG_7921When I saw this product, I honestly was really confused as to what it was. I had to do some research on Cake Beauty’s website to figure out that it is a balm that can be used to moisturize just about anything. According to Cake Beauty’s website, it can be used for anything such as a simple facial moisturizer, to something that can ease the annoyance of bug bites and an aid to replenish dry, split ends. The smell is really quite nice, it sort of smells like a bakery (hence the name, I’m sure). I’m very excited to try this under my eyes, as the website claims it will help in correcting dark under eye circles. I’m forever on a hunt for a good eye cream so I’m hoping this will help me out! My only true complaint from my first impression with this product is that it’s quite greasy, even though Cake Beauty claims this product is ‘never greasy’. It did blend in well however, and the greasiness did soak in after a few minutes.

Product #2: Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush

Guys, I’m going to be honest with you on this one. I’m nervous. The packaging (which is absolutely beautiful, by the way) claims that this is a blush that is meant for all skin tones. That tends to make me nervous because from what I know about makeup (which is minimal compare to all you guru’s out there.. so correct me if I’m wrong) is that one color is rarely every complimentary to every skin tone out there. It’s quite a dark shade in my opinion, and I’m nervous that this dark of a blush tone will look clown-like on me if I’m not careful with my application. The color itself if very beautiful though, I just don’t think its a particularly good shade for me, and that the packaging claim might be a little outlandish. Who knows, I could very well be wrong with this one. However, I do love that this product is 99% natural, has no animal testing, is hypoallergenic, etc, etc.

Product #3: Urban Decay Fireball Eyeshadow
I’m actually really quite excited about this one! I love eye shadow, and I tend to stick to a more neutral palette, so think eye shadow initially seems to be a perfect match for what I’m looking for. I don’t think I’ve ever used an Urban Decay product before, but know that a lot of people love their products and swear by them. It’s a beautiful copper-ish tone. The packaging is less than stellar, but since it is a trial sized package, I’ll let it go.

Product #4: Hey Honey 24seven Day&Night Moisturizing Cream
IMG_7926This is another product that I’m really excited about (but I mean in all honesty I’m excited about all of these). This is a cream that is supposed to ‘enrich and revitalize face, neck & eye contour’ according to the packaging. Like the Delectable Everything Balm, I’m excited to try this under my eyes to prevent aging and wrinkling (I have signs of it already, sigh. The search never ends for a firming under-eye cream). Fingers crossed this one will work!

Product #5: Kajal Vasanti Waterline Eyeliner in Intense Black
I’m dying to try this one. I am an endless lover of a good eyeliner. I went through this god awful stage back in my early high school years of wearing very IMG_7923thick and very dark eyeliner. Now, some people can pull off that look and wear it fabulously. Me, however, cannot. I’m far too pale skinned and light haired to have copious amounts of pitch black eyeliner drawn around every corner of my eyelid. Since then, I have thankfully discovered that top lid eyeliner can be sufficient for me and have moved on from the racoon eyes. Anyway, I tested out a little line on my hand and holy moly, that stuff went on so smooth. I don’t wear eyeliner too much anymore, but I think I’ll be trying this one out in the next few days.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, let me know what things you got in your Ipsy bags this month and how you like them!


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