‘TMI’ about me post

I know I just did the ‘Girl Behind the Blog’ post a few weeks ago, but my life has been so crazy this last week that I don’t have a whole lot of time to sit and stew about what I want to write about! This was a question prompt that I already had ready to answer, so sorry for them being so close together! Enjoy 🙂

What Are You Wearing? 

Sweats because I’m still in recoup mode from my sickness that knocked me out for multiple days! Plus yoga pants are my favorite articles of clothing anyway!

Ever Been In Love? 

Absolutely. Twice, actually. I’m in it for the long haul with my current boyfriend.

Ever Had A Terrible Breakup 

Very much so, with my ‘first love’. Left me quite broken and unsure of who I was for many months.

How Tall Are You? 


How Much Do You Weigh? 

I don’t even know honestly since I’ve been sick

Any Tattoos? 

Not yet, I’m really debating it though!

Any Piercings? 

Just my ears

Favorite Show? 

100% Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite, go to show. I can’t get enough of Lorelai and Rory

Favorite Bands? 

I tend to have favorite songs rather than favorite artists or bands. I don’t care who you are, if I like you’re song, I’m going to be listening to it. I tend to like country artists more than others, though!

Something You Miss? 

My boyfriend. He’s in Virginia for the summer while I’m in Texas.

Favorite Song? 

Who I Am by Jessica Andrews. It’s an oldie but a goodie that I remember singing to in the car with my mom as a kid!

How Old Are You? 


Zodiac Sign? 


Quality You Look For In A Partner? 

Honesty, faithfulness, kind-hearted, hard working and loving

Favorite Quote? 

That’s actually a good question, I’m not sure!

Favorite Actor? 

Definitely Lauren Graham.

Favorite Color?

Teal and Coral

Loud Music Or Soft? 

It depends on my mood. When I’m alone in the car I like to turn the music loud but otherwise I listen to it pretty softly

Where Do You Go When You’re Sad? 

Wherever my pups are

How Long Does It Take You To Shower? 

Depends on the day and how long I have to get ready, but normally ten minutes or so

How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready In The Morning? 

Also depends on the amount of effort I’m deciding to put into the day. When I go to work at the daycare, it takes me another 15 minutes after I take a shower to get ready because I just braid my hair and do a simple makeup look. If I’m going out for a nice dinner with my boyfriend, it can take a while.

Ever Been In A Physical Fight? 

I’ve slapped someone before but other than that, nope

Turn On? 

Being a genuinely kind person

Turn Off? 

Being arrogant is definitely the biggest turn off for me

The Reason I Made A Blog? 

I had read a lot of different blogs and I really loved them. It seemed like a new challenge for me so I decided to give it a go. I’m still pretty new so I’m learning!


I have a lot of irrational fears as a result of my anxiety and past experiences. Some of my worst are fires (after a terrible fire in my apartment complex this year) and being a passenger in a car (after a nearly fatal car accident I was in back in 2012). But there’s essentially an endless list of things I’m fearful of.

Last Thing That Made You Cry? 

The death of my Grandma

Last Time You Said You Loved Someone? 

Today! I tell my pups I love them all the time and I always tell my family that I love them before any of us split from one another. You truly never know when the last chance you have will be.

Meaning Behind Your Blogger Name? 

No big meaning behind it, Tyler just came up with it as I was brainstorming names and it stuck!

Last Book You Read? 

Currently I’m reading ‘Room’. Go see the movie if you haven’t! It’s amazing. (Bring the tissues though)

Last Show You Watched? 

I think I watched The Voice yesterday before I went to bed

Last Person You Talked To? 

My sweet, sweet friend Bree! (Her blog about fitness and being a mommy is linked here)

The Relationship Between You and The Person You Last Texted? 

This sweet girl is one of my very great friends! We have gone through and been there for each other through some of the biggest obstacles of our lives together in the last year! We were so close in high school and after graduation we drifted, but I’m so glad that circumstances brought our friendship back together!

Favorite Food? 

Anything that involves pasta and cheese. Sign me up

Place You Want To Visit? 

I’m dying to visit Bora Bora or to go visit Australia again

Last Place You Were? 

The grocery store!

Do You Have A Crush?

Yes! My sweet boyfriend

Last Time You Kissed Someone? 

Do my dogs count? If not, in the beginning on May before I sent Tyler home to Virginia for the summer.

Favorite Flavor Of Sweet? 

I’m not really sure what this means but I like non-sour gummies like starbursts! I do like all my sweets though

What Instruments Do You Play? 

I wish I played some, but I don’t.

Favorite Piece Of Jewelry? 

My beautiful opal ring that I got from Tyler for my 20th birthday

Last Sport You Played? 

Dance, if you’re on the side of the argument that counts dance as a sport!

Last Song You Sang? 

Who knows, whatever was in the car last!

Favorite Chat Up Line? 

This is definitely a UK term, I have no idea what this means

Last Time You Hung Out With Anyone? 

I’ve hung out with my family every day!




3 thoughts on “‘TMI’ about me post

  1. Enjoyed reading this & getting to know you better ☺️
    & chat up line means a cheesy line you’d say to someone new that you liked if that makes sense 😂 Harder to explain that I expected haha! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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