childhood memories

So, I was searching for some blog post inspiration, as I’ve kind of hit some writer’s block. I saw a prompt that said to write about your earliest childhood memory. The though of writing about this makes me laugh, because my earliest memory is seriously the most ridiculous thing ever. Let me give you some background knowledge before we delve right in. My parents learned at a young age that I was a nurturer, I had a strong maternal instinct, and that I thought my stuffed animals had feelings and needed to breathe (I left part of my backpack zipper unzipped when we took road trips so my stuffies could ‘breathe’. I buckled my dollies into that back seats of the car, I carried around and changed the clothes on my baby dolls like they were real children. It was probably a little much, but it’s what made me happy, apparently. I also had to bring my favorite stuffed animal at the time everywhere with me. Into the store, to go to get dinner, to the beach. Everywhere but preschool/kindergarten, basically. So my first childhood memory is a not-so-pleasant one. From what I remember, I was like four, it was some day over the summer, and my mom took my brother and I to get some McDonald’s for lunch as a treat. Naturally, I had to bring my blanket and my Curious George stuffed animal (side note: I don’t think my stuffed animal was actually a Curious George monkey, it was just a normal monkey stuffie from the zoo that I probably named Curious George.. original). We went in and ordered our food, and we all had full hands walking back out to the car. In my hands were my blanket, my monkey, my happy meal, and my drink. That’sย  a lot for a four-year-old’s hands and arms to hold. Needless to say, I tripped on my blanket and smacked down onto the concrete; I now had a skinned and throbbing knee, a spilled drink, my happy meal on the ground, and my blanket and monkey were getting dirty on the ground. I’m assuming that my mom went and got me a new happy meal, but I don’t remember that part. I just remember sitting in my car seat crying because my knee hurt. And that’s all I remember. I don’t even get the joy of remembering eating my happy meal! Reading this over, this is actually a really silly and probably quite boring post. I hope you enjoyed it anyway?!


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