biore self-heating one minute mask

So the other day, I was just walking around Walmart, basically just wanting to spend the cash that was in my wallet (this is a terrible habit of mine, I rarely allow myself to have cash because it’s gone in literally 2 seconds). I’ve seen this product before, and I’ve wanted to try it but never did. I’ve read amazing reviews about products with natural charcoal in them, and I’ve been dying to try one for myself. So I figured now is as good of a time as any. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this mask. Honestly I didn’t get my hopes up too much, since you got 5 individually packaged masks for roughly $7, so it’s not a very expensive product compared to some of the higher quality brands that sell for $30 IMG_6918or more. So I washed my face and let the warm water open my pores. I followed the directions on the packaging and let the mask do it’s thing. It really freaked me out though because this mask gets hot. I almost started to get concerned that the heat level wasn’t normal, but things cooled down and all was well. So just be prepared if you try this for yourself. I love that it’s just a one minute mask, so it really doesn’t add any time to my nighttime routine. I could see a difference in my skin once I had washed the mask off initially. My pores looked smaller and cleaner, and my face felt silky smooth. I was disappointed, though, when I woke up the next morning to have my face looking exactly how it did pre-mask. I’ve done a second mask since then and have seen small improvements in my skin. I’m hoping that with continual and consistent use, it will help the overall cleanliness and look of the pores on my face. Until I discover that though, I’ll enjoy my super soft skin and a fresh tingling sense after I rinse off my face.


I hate that my first beauty review isn’t a rave. I truly was hoping this one would be. I’ve continued using the product consistently, and I haven’t really seen any long term results. I continue to see results immediately after use, but still wake up the next morning looking as it did pre-use. However, I do think it does clear out my pores and is doing some beneficials things! If you’re looking for a mask that it going to keep your pores looking magnificent between uses, this one probably isn’t your best option.


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