we’ve got a visitor in the backyard!

The past few days, we’ve noticed that a little baby deer has been hanging around our property. At first, we were scared that his mommy had abandoned him. After some research, we learned that momma deers leave their babies somewhere safe during the day while they go out to collect food for them and their babies, coming back to the babes before night fall. I finally was able to sneak a peek at him, and man oh man is he the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. There’s something about seeing an animal in their natural habitat that makes my heart so warm and fuzzy. I hate the thought of animals being stuck in the same cage, day in and day out at zoos (I realize sometime these animals wouldn’t survive in the wild due to injuries and illnesses, but it still makes me sad). I decided to grab the ladder so I could see him over the long grasses, grab my camera, and snap a few photos. Enjoy!

He was excited to see the sun, and I was excited to see his sweet face after waiting for about half an hour


Pretty sure he was licking the dead dandelion that’s in front of him
Cooper and Myla were mad that they didn’t get to come investigate with me

5 thoughts on “we’ve got a visitor in the backyard!

  1. Oh my gosh how lucky for you!! It’s fab that Mama Deer feels comfortable enough with your home to leave baby there. Have you managed to see Mama coming to the fawn? Such pretty photos ❤ Thanks for sharing!



    1. I know! S/he is technically in the neighbors yard just across the property line, there’s a lot of trees that I’m sure protect them from danger. We haven’t yet, but I want to sit out on our patio where we have a clear shot to see if we can see her!


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