to the people who have helped me cope with anxiety

First and foremost, thank you. You deserve every hug and every ‘thank you’, but you deserve so much more. You deserve a ‘best person of the year’ award. I want you to know that even if I’m not the greatest at expressing it, that you have helped me through some of the hardest moments.

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Anxiety is often like a revolving door, except you can’t get out. So thank you for subjecting yourself to walking endlessly, lap after lap, in the revolving door with me. You saw past the anxiety ridden, puffy-eyed faced, and saw who you knew I was deep in my core. You held me when I couldn’t stand, when I felt dizzy and clammy. You talked to me, consoled me, and brought me back to reality. You brought me out of the sheer chaos in my brain, telling me that I was doomed, that I was doing everything wrong. You helped me see through the worst of the worst. You held me at 2am when I came to your dorm after a flashback nightmare, or when I heard sirens that brought back pangs of fear. You have always been there for me.



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