Target’s new bathroom policy debate isn’t really about the trans community

Now, this sounds a little silly. The new policy seems to revolve completely around people who identify as transgender being able to use the restroom with which they identify with, rather than the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex. I’ve seen comment after comment on social media sites about how people will no longer be shopping at Target because there could easily be perverts waiting for them in the bathroom. I understand this concern, but I think there is a much larger underlying problem that is being masked by the new bathroom policy. Let me tell you, a trans person is literally going to be going into the bathroom for the exact same reason as you; to pee. So many people seem to be concerned that there is going to be a massive outbreak of rapes within Target restrooms. I think instead of hiding behind this new policy and using the trans community as the people to blame and shout hate at, we need to seriously focus on the rape culture that our society has developed and allowed to continue. “One in five women has been the victim of attempted or completed rape in their lifetime”, and 1 in 5 men has been a victim to sexual violence other than rape within their lifetime (Rape Response Services). In fact, the trans community face more sexual assault in their lifetime than the average man or woman, with about 50% being a victim of rape (Rape Response Services). This rape culture is what is instilling fear into those who are choosing to end their shopping trips to Target. In my opinion, this fear is not stemming from the fact that a biological male who identifies as female will be using a female restroom. The fear is that a cisgender person (someone who identifies with the gender that they were assigned as at birth) could

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potentially be coming into the opposite gender’s bathroom, having harmful intentions. So lets open the conversation, talk about rape culture; talk about sexual violence in any type of relationship or sexual identification, lets get to the actual root of the problem, instead of spouting hate. Lets learn about people who are different from us, and people who we may not understand.

(For more states about sexual violence and rape, click here)


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