always listen to your body

Last night was a rough night with my diabetes. Some nights go flawlessly and I check my CGM and see that I was at a perfect number throughout the whole night, and then we have nights like last night. They shake you up a little bit and remind you that even when you think you’ve got everything perfect, things can change at the drop of a hat. I went to bed and my blood glucose was at about 90, which is a pretty darn perfect number for a diabetic. I went to bed at about 9 with no worries. I woke up at about 10 feeling sort of crummy. My CGM still said I was a good number – 115 – so I chalked it up to something I ate not agreeing with me. Well, come 2:45 am, I woke up feeling the most miserable I’ve felt in a long time. My CGM still said I was 92, meaning I shouldn’t have been feeling bad at all. I knew something was off, so I tested my blood sugar with my meter to see if my CGM was correct or not. And sure enough, it wasn’t. I was 391.

The difference between my CGM reading and my meter reading

A goal range for T1D is generally between 90 and 120, but varies for each person. So this number is extremely high. Most meters stop reading glucose levels beyond 500, so I wasn’t too far off from that. I quickly gave myself insulin to treat the high, and came to terms with the fact that I’d be up for a few hours until I knew my blood sugar was coming down closer to a normal level. Thankfully, I got things under control and was feeling just fine come morning. But it was a not-so-friendly reminder that things could have gone differently. Had I not listened to my body, and just went back to bed at 2:45, things could have gone terribly different. Who knows where my blood sugar would have skyrocketed to by the time morning came, I could have easily found myself in the E.R. this morning instead of at my shift at work. Always listen to your body (whether you have a disease like T1D or not), because it’ll give you signs when things are wrong.


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