it’s a puppy party!

Two years ago, my cute little teensie baby Myla was born! I didn’t know it then, but we would meet a few months later and she would capture my whole entire heart.I honestly never knew a love for a pet could exist that is as strong as my love for her. So today, everything is all about her (more than they

Patiently waiting for her special birthday breakfast

normally are, if that’s even possible). We obviously started off then day with sleepy-eyed cuddles and kisses. Then, she got a very special breakfast, a Blue Buffalo entree! She could hardly wait to have it, and polished it up in about two seconds flat.

She wasn’t quite ready to wake up

Then, we played a nice game of fetch with the brand new stuffed octopus that she picked out at PetSmart yesterday. Her and I cuddled on the living room chair wrapped up in our bedspread, until she decided it was time we go outside. So, Tyler and I took her for a walk since the weather is so incredibly beautiful. Naturally, she found a perfect stick to carry around, she was prancing around like she owned the whole


Her birthday presents! A puppy bakery treat and a stuffed octopus

entire world. It’s been lots of rest and napping since we got back. The rest of the day will likely be all about her as well, so the extra attention and love is just beginning.Β  Myla, thanks for being your goofy, loving, puppy-like self for the past two years, and blessing me with the privilege of being your momma for just as long. I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the universe. Here’s to another year of growing and exploring.





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