plan with me!

So I really have no idea what I’m doing with this post, so I guess I’ll just jump on in. Right now, I’m using’s 18 month planner. I don’t remember what the pattern is called, but it’s a floral one that I adore. I’m a little over halfway through using it because it ends after December 2016. So this first picture is a photo of the front cover of the planner.

Front cover

You can see in the center it says ‘2016’ in sparkly gold text, and has a matching sparkly gold strap to keep it closed when you’re not using it! I’ve had problems in the past with other planners’ bindings and the rings on them, but this one hasn’t given me any problems over the last 9 months or so of using it everyday.The next picture is of some of the first few pages that you’ll see when you open the planner. I was super excited when I saw that it came with stickers, but I couldn’t really find a place to use them throughout my planning process. They’re not quite my style, so I had a hard time finding a place to put most of them.. for example, a pineapple sticker.. it didn’t seem right to place it next to where I wrote about all my tasks that I dreaded having to do.



However, I think I read somewhere that the stickers will be a little bit different in the next planner they release, so fingers crossed! Lets move on and get into how I actually use my planner to keep myself organized. The planner does have a two year overview of both 2016 and 2017, but I don’t use it often because there isn’t really enough room to write any side notes or anything without making it feel cluttered (boo), so I’ve basically left it blank or drew little hearts around important dates in my life. IMG_6590So this next picture shows what a blank page looks like when you crack open the planner for the first time. Iย love that each day is not lined, as it allows for me to be as creative (or boring) with each day as I chose. I’ve gone through a few different ways of setting up my planner trying to figure out which one works best for me. You can also see that I’ve decorated the sides of each page with washi tape (except apparently I missed the one page that I decided to take a picture of, okay..). Washi tape is the greatest.thing.ever. I could go on for years about how much I love it, but now isn’t the time and place for that. I used to set up my planner by writing a ‘to do’ list at the top of the left page under Monday, but decided I didn’t really like that. So I found some super cute ‘to do list’ note pads in the dollar section at Target (which, by the way, is my saving grace because I’m broke), so I write down my to do list on one of the notepad pages, and actually attach it into my planner page using washi tape. I like to write my work schedule on vertically on the outside of each day so it doesn’t make things look too crowded. This example page that I used isn’t the neatest or cleanest example of how I usually set it up, but you can see that I have my ‘to do’ list (featuring the #TheGirlGang chat reminder on Monday.. which I still forgot about). I really don’t have a lot that I need to be writing down because the only few things that I have to worry about are the few classes I’m taking and the few hours I work each day, so that doesn’t require a whole lot of planning. At the same time, I’d be totally lost without this thing. For those of you that IMG_6592use a planner for your schoolwork: I highly suggest that (if you don’t already) you take an hour or however long it takes at the beginning of each semester to write out your due dates for each individual class. I’ve used different colors in the past when I had tougher semesters, but I’m taking lighter courses this semester so I just chose to write it all out in one color. Writing out all your due dates like

this is super important to do because you can look out in the weeks ahead and plan out how you’re going to attack getting everything done on time without (hopefully) staying up until 3 a.m. for multiple nights in a row.

This picture in the back of the planner speaks to my soul. I hate washing my hair.. so much effort

Not only that, it’s helped me stay focused and on top of when big projects are due, because those can be easy to forget about sometimes.

So, that’s all I’ve got! Leave your favorite tips in the comment section, I’d love to see them!


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