my favorite uses for coconut oil

So today’s post is going to be about one of my favorite go-to beauty products, coconut oil. I got mine at Target, and you can get it for yourself here. There are a million and five ways to use coconut oil in just about any aspect; cooking, beauty and hair, as a health supplement, and probably a bunch of other reasons too. Seriously, just google ‘coconut oil uses’ and you could read for days.

So I’ve always used coconut oil in my life for beauty/hair purposes, and I’ve been really tempted to try oil pulling to help whiten my teeth.. I haven’t been brave enough to start doing it yet because I’ve heard it feels really weird. So, here are my top favorite ways to use coconut oil.

1. As a hair mask. This is the simplest way to make your hair super shiny (in a good way!) smooth, and frizz free (for the most part). You literally just slather it aaallllllllll over your hair until you feel like a totally grease bomb. Sometimes I leave it in for an hour, sometimes I leave it in overnight, depending on when I need to shower. Word of caution: if you’re going to leave it in overnight, I suggest either using some type of shower cap to cover it, or lay a towel over your pillow, otherwise you’ll be needing to wash your pillow case come morning. Once you’ve let it soak in for however long you want, you’ll obviously have to wash it out. Really well. I usually shampoo my hair at least twice to make sure I get all the residue out. The only bad part to using oil in your hair is that it’s pretty hard to tell whether you’ve gotten it all out until your hair is dry, so I suggest trying it for the first time on a day where you don’t have somewhere important to be until you can figure out how your hair reacts to it. Once it’s all washed out, I towel dry my hair and use a little splash of Moroccan argan oil, also found at Target here. (Can you tell I love Target?) Dry and style as usually, and your hair should be feeling baby-bottom-soft!
2. Lip scrub.
This one is also suuuuuper simple! Especially during the winter, my lips get really chapped and borderline flaky, it’s pretty gross. So to get rid of it, you first want to run a ceramic bowl under pretty warm water to get the bowl warm enough to soften the coconut oil. It doesn’t need to be so hot to the touch that it feels painful, because coconut oil has a pretty low melting temperature. After that, dry the bowl off and put in about a tablespoon of coconut oil. I add regular white cane sugar to it and stir. I don’t measure the sugar, mostly because I’m lazy. I just add and stir until I’m satisfied with the texture. Once you get the scrub to however ‘scrubby’ you want it to be, just use it as a normal lip scrub. It’ll probably make your skin around your lips feel oily, so I usually take some of my face wash and wash my face around that area to make sure I wash away those extra oils. It might take a couple times of scrubbing to get your lips nice and soft, but the extra moisture that comes from the coconut oil will also help replenish and moisturize and soften your lips!
3. General body moisturizer.Β  I don’t do this super often, mostly because Myla (my sweet four-legged puppy child) thinks that coconut oil taste good and I put it on my legs for the sole purpose of her licking it off. Coconut oil is a really good natural moisturizer, but it leaves your skin feeling oily (duh), and takes a really long time to soak in completely. My favorite thing to do is put a good lather on my feet before bed and throw some fuzzy socks on and leave them on overnight. I wake up with feet that feel like a baby’s butt (which is a miracle for anyone with Type 1 Diabetes like myself.. dry feet is a constant battle).
Let me know if you guys have favorite ways to use coconut oil, I’m always looking for new ideas!

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