15 things girls with long hair will understand

1. Finding your hair literally everywhere. There’s nothing quite like sitting down on the ground to play a card game, only to find a nice big wad of hair that’s mysteriously developed since you vacuumed two days ago.

2. Getting an arm workout by doing just about anything to your hair. Painful as it is, at least you can skip arm day at the gym. (maybe? Probably not.. but that’s what I tell myself)

3. Not having long enough arms to brush the entire length of your hair in one stroke.  “Hey, honey? Can you brush the rest of my hair for me?” is probably a common phrase in your household if you’re anything like me.
4. Feeling like you could make a wig out of the amount of hair that comes off your head in the shower. Seriously though, it’s ridiculous.
5. Getting tangles in your hair after being outside for 2.5 seconds. This is why I pretty much never wear my hair down. Because with tangles come brushing/combing them out. Ouch. No thanks.
6. Refusing to wear lipgloss. I’d rather not spend all day peeling my hair off my lips, thanks though.
7. Cute little buns don’t exist in the world of long hair. I’ve come to accept the fact that unless I chop all of my hair off, I will never have that cute, little bun on the top of my head.
8. Blocking out hours of time if you plan on curling it. This is why overnight, no heat curling techniques are a long-haired girl’s best friend.
9. Your best friend is a drain snake to tug out all that hair. Disgusting? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. The only thing worse than snake-ing hair out of the drain is standing in 6 inches of water because the drain is clogged.
10. “Wow, how did your hair get so long?” Uh.. I don’t cut it, like ever.
11. And the accompanying fear that comes when you do decide to ‘just get a trim’. There’s really nothing more frightening.
12. Letting your hair air-dry isn’t really an option unless you don’t have anywhere to be 8 hours. I wish I were kidding.
13. Thank sinking feeling that you get when you’ve left the house for the day and you realize you don’t have a hair tie. Or a headband that could work in a pinch. Or a rubber band. Or anything that could hold your hair in a pony. Ugh.
14. Spending more money on shampoo and conditioner than you do groceries. We can’t help that it takes extra product to keep our locks clean and healthy!
15. Wondering why you don’t just cut it off. HA! Just kidding, we all know we’d never do that.

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