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Hey everyone! I decided to start off my calligraphy section with a review of some of my favorite pens, along with pictures and links of where to buy them for yourself!

 Pen #1: Sharpie – extra fine pen
Okay guys, this is basically a necessity for a calligrapher or someone who does hand lettering. I think this was one of my first tools in my journey of teaching myself how to do this. This sharpie is definitely one of my favorites, but I struggled finding it in a store. I think I eventually found it at the Hobby Lobby in Sioux City. It’s also available on amazon here.thumb_IMG_6437_1024.jpg
– Provides a super clean, thin line
– Affordable
– Long lasting
– Perfect for just about any project, as you can create thicker lines and just shade them in

– The only negative I really have to say about this pen is that is bleeds through most papers, so you have to be careful if you’re using a notepad with pages underneath the page you’re working on

Pen #2: Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

I’m pretty sure these were the first ‘real’ calligraphy pens that I bought, mostly because they’re ridiculous inexpensive but are super great quality. The pack that’s linked here comes with a ‘soft’ (the green) and a ‘hard’ (the blue) pen. Since all of the packaging is in Japanese, my best friend and I had to test them out to figure out which was which. These are some of my favorite thin brush pens, and they were great to learn with.



-Long lasting
– Great starter pen for those who are beginners
– Packaging isn’t in English (this didn’t really matter to me but might to some of you? I’m not really sure)

– Not quite as easy to control and handle as the sharpie, but that’s basically just because it’s a brush-type of pen.

Pen #3: Prismacolor Dual Tip Marker

So, this pen/marker/whatever-you-wanna-call-it is so amazing. It has both a fine(ish) tip marker and a super thick brush pen that creates really lovely, thick, bold lines. I personally love that type of look, especially with super thin upstrokes. (I haven’t quite mastered actually doing that yet, but it’s one of my favorite looks) My only complaint is that it bleeds really easily through paper – even my thicker notepad paper that is specifically for calligraphy-type projects. However, my solution for this is a pretty simple fix, just stick a piece of notebook paper under the piece you’re working on and you’ll be fine, so don’t let that deter you from trying it out! I got this pen at Hobby Lobby, and you can get it online here!

– Affordable
-It’s a dual tip so it has both a fine tip like a normal marker, as well as a suuuuper thick brush pen that I absolutely love.
– This pen is really versatile. I’ve created entire projects with just this pen.
– Available in a ton of colors!

– It bleeds through the paper. Really bad.


Pen #4: PenTouch Gold Marker
I haven’t really experimented too much into colored or metallic-type markers or pens, but I really do love this one. I think it brings in a perfect amount of metalic-y-ness (if that’s even a word?) without being overwhelming or too powerful of a color. thumb_IMG_6436_1024This is definitely more of an accent marker rather than one that you create a whole piece with. I got this pen on Amazon for suuuuuuuuuper cheap, you can check it out here!

– Perfect for creating touches of color or making something stand out
– Long lasting
– Easy to use (for the most part, it took a little for the ink to come out)
– My only complaint for this one is that when the ink starts to run out and you have to push the tip down to draw more down, it gets really scratchy and can potentially create lines where you don’t want them

Pens #5: Wink of Stell Brush (in silver) by ZIG
Okay so this is probably my least favorite pen out of the ones I consider my ‘favorites’. Maybe it’s because it just adds sparkles and nothing else. I really struggled to get this baby to work. It literally took me half an hour to get it going. I was ready to throw in the towel. However, the sparkle that it can add to a project is wonderfully beautiful. This picture really doesn’t do it justice. There should be a picture of what it looks like in the gallery of pictures. I also got this from Hobby Lobby, thumb_IMG_6438_1024and you can find it here
– Long lasting
– Adds a subtle hint of sparkle
– Easy to use (once you get it started)
– Doesn’t come in too many colors
– It seems to be priced a little high for just a sparkle pen (but maybe that’s just me)


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