a letter to my long-distance best friend

Things aren’t the same as they used to be. Back in high school, we had basically nothing to worry about. We hung out every day, we never did homework, and all we had to worry about was how we were going to do our hair for prom. We weren’t thinking about paying bills, passing college courses, and laying down the groundwork for our very-quickly-approaching adult lives. Now, all of sudden,

we’re real-life adults. We’re paying bills. We’re living in two completely different parts of the country. We don’t get to talk all the time. Hell, we haven’t even seen each other in almost a year. We’re turning our high school relationships into long lasting (soon to be) marriages. We’re making phone calls to insurance companies. We’re scheduling our own doctor’s appointments instead of having our moms do it. We’re not the people that we used to be. Given all of that, here are a few things I want you to always remember.

You will be successful in whatever you end up doing.
It’s a scary thing to be thrown from high school, where everything is essentially handed to you on a silver platter, out into a world where you have to fend for yourself. Whenever you begin to question yourself, remember that you can do anything that you set your mind to. You are a brilliant, talented, dedicated person. You rise to the occasion when things get hard, and that will get you so very far in life. Whether you’re a social worker or an engineer, you will be fantastic. I know that you are capable of doing so much, and you will bless the people you speak to and work with.
I will always support you in all of the decisions you make, even if I don’t completely agree with them.
There’s a big difference between agreeing with the decisions you make, and supporting them regardless of whether you agree or not. You know we haven’t always seen eye to eye on boys, other friends, and life decisions – however, that doesn’t mean I won’t support you. I wouldn’t think to stand in the way of something that might make you happy. Whether it’s chopping 8 inches off of your hair and instantly regretting it after I told you that you would, or moving across the country for a boy, I’ll be there by your side. I’ll help find cute ways to wear your new short ‘do, and I’ll help you pack your boxes to follow where you’re heart is content and happier than ever. A best friend isn’t a best friend unless you’ve got each others backs one hundred percent of the time. And that’s what I promise to you.
I miss you more than you know, each and every day.
Since you did actually pack up and move across the country for a boy, please know that I miss you so much. I miss our way-too-often trips to Target, Barnes and Noble, and Office Max. I miss driving around and listening to your music that is completely different than mine. I miss walking into school every day, knowing you’d be there. I miss that sense of completeness that comes from being with the person who knows my mind better than I do – who knows the words I’m trying to say before I can say them, and who can articulate what I’m feeling in ways that I didn’t know how. (Sorry, this is getting love-lettery). Anyway, I miss you so much.
I also appreciate you and cherish our friendship each and every day.
For all of the reasons that I miss you, are also the reasons that I cherish you. I don’t think there’s really much more that needs to be said.
You will always be my person, my go to, and my very best friend.
The Christina to my Meredith. No matter where life takes us, I know you will always be there. I know you will always be there to help me through the darkest of times, as well as rejoicing once we get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for always being the person to pick me up when I’m down, laugh until we cry, eating all the fries in the world with me, and being the greatest friend I could ever ask for. I love you so very much.

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